A Rule Is to Break: A Child's Guide to Anarchy

by john & jana

Published by Manic D Press, 2012

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"A simple, charming celebration of autonomy" - Salon


"A Rule Is To Break: A Child's Guide to Anarchy is a perfectly wonderful picture book about the spirit of anarchism and its utterly fitting dovetail with the joy of childhood. The book is full of excellent advice, wonderfully illustrated."

- Boing Boing


A Rule is to Break:
A Child's Guide To Anarchy
by john & jana
Published by Manic D

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"Many children's books encourage self-expression and free thought; few take those ideas as far as this collaboration from Seven and Christy. This is the softer side of anarchy, with an emphasis on fun and independence, but also community and kindness. Seven and Christy's heroine wouldn't look out of place in a Peter H. Reynolds story, and their message isn't far from his work either—it's just been cranked up to 11."

-Publishers Weekly

" I love this book- my children's new favorite.

'A Rule is to Break' says: go ahead and throw yourself a party!​ So glad it exists.
- Kristin Hersh​, (Throwing Muses), author of Rat Girl


"A perfect book for parents (and their kids) who have been inspired by the message of the Occupy movement.  This picture book uses fun and simple graphics to inspire kids to follow their own path."

- KQED Public Radio

"...a delight to read! A children's book on anarchy seems somehow just right: an instinctive, intuitive sense of fairness, community, and interdependence sits naturally enough with a desire for participatory democracy, feminism, queer rights, environmental balance, self determination, and peace and global justice."


- Bill Ayers, author of To Teach: The Journey in Comics and Fugitive Days

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